DISC Index

The DISC Index
A Tool For Increasing Personal Effectiveness

The DISC Index Can Increase Personal Effectiveness and Lead To Higher Performance.
Research consistently shows that fully engaged top talent have higher levels of personal effectiveness and share
the common trait of self-awareness.
Highly effective team members are able to recognize the situations that will make them successful
which makes it easy for them to find ways of getting results that fit their behavioral style.

They also understand their limitations and where they are not effective which helps them understand
where not to go or what to pursue.

The DISC Index Can Help to Achieve the Following 3 Objectives:

1. Improve Communication and Reduce Conflict
2. Develop Higher Performing Teams
3. Increase Team Leader Effectiveness

Increase Personal Effectiveness by understanding the following four dimensions of your behavioral style:

Decisive: your preferred approach to problem solving and getting results
Interactive: your preferred approach to interacting with others and showing emotion
Stability: your preferred approach to pacing, persistence and steadiness
Cautious: your preference for procedures, standards and protocols

The 22-Page DISC Index Report Includes To Provide Insights Into How To Increase Personal Effectiveness:

1.  The Elements of DISC: Background and science behind the profile and dimensions of behavior
2.  The DISC Dimensions: A closer look at each of your four behavioral dimensions
3.  Style Summary: A comparison of your natural and adaptive behavioral styles
4.  Behavioral Strengths: A detailed strengths-based description of your overall behavioral style
5.  Communication: Tips on how you like to communicate and be communicated with
6.  Ideal Job Climate: Your ideal work environment
7.  Effectiveness: Insights into how you can be more effective by understanding your behavior
8.  Behavioral Motivations: Ways to ensure your environment is motivational
9.  Continual Improvement: Areas where you can focus on improving
10.Training & Learning Style: Your preferred means of sharing and receiving styles
11.Relevance Section: Making the information real and pertinent to you
12.Success Connection: Connecting your style to your own life

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