About Bob Moore

Robert (Bob) Moore, CMC is . . .
CEO of Effectiveness, Inc.
which he established in 1975 to work with business owners
that want to accelerate their progress to sustainable growth
without giving up their time and personal freedom.

CEO of Effectiveness Ministries, a Ministry of Effectiveness, Inc.
which he founded in 1985 to serve senior pastors that want to optimize
ministry effectiveness and become more effective ministry executives.

Managing Principal  of The Talent Management Institute, a Division of Effectiveness, Inc.
which he founded in 2007 to provide talent management executives with resources
that  turn their good people into fully engaged top talent by optimizing the effectiveness
of their Selection and Development processes.

Bob is a native of Greensboro NC, graduate of NC State University,
graduate of Coach U (1993), and elected a Certified Management
Consultant in 1995. He is a founding member of the
International Coach Federation and was awarded the
Master Certified Coach designation in 1996.

He is a internationally recognized talent development authority
and a certified specialist in the use of assessments for organizational,
team, and personal effectiveness.

Bob is the author of the book Turning Good People Into Top Talent:
Key Leadership Strategies for a Winning Company
and over 500 articles
on Executive Effectiveness, and Talent Management, and the creator of
The Effectiveness Coach® Approach a system for developing coach-based
sales project managers and team leaders.

Bob is active in the Cary Chamber of Commerce (member of the Ambassador Council)
and The Cary Rotary Club (with perfect attendance), a Paul Harris Fellow and
a graduate of the Rotary Leadership Institute.

P. O. Box 37298, Raleigh, NC 27627
Phone: 919-439-5811 | Skype: bobmoorecmc